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The What

Eulap Software Solutions is a Philippine-based I.T. Company delivering software solutions to your company needs. We have teams dedicated not only on providing you with quality customized software but improving your business process as well through the use of I.T. solutions.

The Why

With so many I.T. providers present in the market today, your company needs someone it can trust. Apart from Eulap's wide range of products, our core value is to prioritize support for your company so you can be sure that your system is always stable and up to date. As your business grows, so as our product grows with you. This is Eulap's personal touch.

The Who

Eulap's clients range from small to large enterprises based all over the Philippines. From Manila, to Visayas and the majority in Mindanao, these companies enjoy the benefit that they get from Eulap's software solutions. We have always believed that all companies, no matter how big or small, should be able to enjoy the benefits an I.T. system brings to help them grow in their respective industries.

Cash Disbursement Module

Control your business expenses by using Elasticpay. Keep track of your Supplier Invoices, Payments and PO's. Control when payment vouchers are made and generate financial disbursement reports. Finally, print directly onto checks to ensure that each check issued is always correct. All these benefits are available in Elasticpay whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

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Simple Philippine-based Payroll Module with Biometric Integration

Elasticstaff is a time-sheet and payroll module based in the Philippines. It imports the data exported from a finger-scanner (biometrics) and computes for the corresponding salary earned for a given period of time. Available in the cloud or on-premise, Elasticpay is compatible with most of the modern biometric units. This is a great tool that will help you save time calculating compensations and deductions within your staff

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Complete Accounting and Inventory System

Elasticbooks is the complete accounting and inventory system created by Eulap and is the company's flagship software. This is a tool that every business needs if they want to stay competetive in their industry. Complete from Payables to Receivables, Elasticbooks tracks every transaction that is connected to your business. Monitor stock inventory, pricing, movement and sales with just a touch of a button. Generate the critical financial reports in just a second. Available thru cloud or on-premise, Elasticbooks is sure to be the best tool that can help you with your success.

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Elasticpoints is a Customer Loyalty System to help you with your retail business.

Customer retention is one of the success factors of any retail business. Having a pool of loyal customers helps our business by ensuring customer loyalty and frequent sales. Most retail stores or even restaurants implement a loyalty system that keeps track of customer frequency by giving out a reward in type of points. Excellent as a marketing tool, Elasticpoints can be easily implemented according to your desired metrics.

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Let us create it for you

We understand that every business has a unique requirement when it comes to the software that they need and Eulap has the perfect team to develop it for you. Eulap offers customizations for their current software offerrings, web development, mobile development and even hardware setup. Send us an email and we would be glad to present our company portfolio to you.

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